About Us

The Marine Group is a privately owned Swedish Company, close related and responsible for the activities in the  Marine Solutions AB, Marine Crane AB, Marine Ports AB and Marine Crane Sp. z.o.o .The work with sustainability and reuse of old material into new equipment, is a consistent thought in all the Marine Group companies. The Group can offer our client the ”total solution” with tug, barge, crane and lifting-equipment. Our team, with their wide knowledge of shipping and logistic, will help in an effective and cost efficient way. Marine Solutions AB is doing the shipping and transport activities and is also the shipowner of the seagoing vessels and floating quays. Towing, icebreaking, bulktransports on barges, heavy cargo transports and water/bridge construction works with working platforms and submersible barges, are mainly our area of work, but we are also doing tourist cruises with our icebreaking tugboats, in two ports located in Swedish Lapland. Marine Crane AB is producing and operating mobile port cranes in Sweden. Loading and discharging of vessels in several ports, with our own built cranes, is one of the big activities in this company. Mobile cranes and crane-equipment are being produced in our 1200m2 workshop with 37mts lifting capacity. With our competent crew, we do welding and repairs on vessels and machinery. Marine Ports AB is the owner of the workshop/port at Sandholmen, Piteå and our port in Axelsvik, Kalix. Marine Crane Sp. z o o  is operating the floating heavy lift crane Lodbrok. The working area is mainly Poland, but we can do heavy lift operations up to 260 mts all over Baltic Sea. Marine Crane Sp is acting as ship agent for our vessels and co-ordinates the company group in Poland and south Baltic Sea.