September 2014

Over 500 of the almost 1.000 elements have now been loaded in Swinoujscie, transported and placed in Stockholm, Värtahamnen.

Please see two links on Youtube, Autumn summarize from Port of Stockholm CLICK HERE, and a short movie from

the workboat Arne CLICK HERE

August 2014

The working boat Aramis have join the fleet, 9 x 2.7m with a 6-cyl. Iveco and 270hp,

bowthruster and good fenders for pushing and liftning points for easy mobilisation. 

Max 20 knots bullard bull about 3ton. and max 12 passangers.

July 2014

We are glad to complete the first job for E-ON removing a 60m MET - Mast offshore Kårehamn,

including the 8m bottom part, on time and budget.

Using the floatingcrane Lodbrok and the barge  Carrier 10, the two units was towed by Mentor. 

June 2014

Final design and start of production on our counter weight crane based on Volvo EC 700.

End of Okt. we expect tests before starting the long term contract hadling pulpwood, chips and timber

for SCA Timber Munksund.

May 2014

Placing the first 75 ton deck elements of abt. 960pcs. For Aarsleff in Värtahamnen, Stockholm.



April 2014

Start to build a new quay at our workshop in Piteå/Sandholmen.

It will be 65m long with 6m of dept 35m of the quay will be for heavy RoRo or big cranes.

In order to handle heavy cargoes both to and from the workshop and for the Wind industry and Paper Mills.. .

March 2014

With continues upgrading of Herakles and training with MCA, we are glad to

inform that we have secured a new contract with MCA working as ETV (Emergency Towing Vessel).


Why use almost 50% of the cranes capacity to lift the weight of the cranes own armsystem?

This is normally the senario with a hydraulic crane built for port service and almost the same

if to take a closer look on a normal excavator.

Please see the sketch that will be reality in the late coming summer.

A 5 years contract is agree with SCA that gives the possibility to develop this crane type.

 The base crane will be Volvo EC 700 and we all know what Volvo means in respect

of economic and service.

The crane will have a lifting capacity compared to a almost double size of crane and still

the speed of a smaller one and all that comes in respect of fuel, servioce

and purschase coasts + less ground pressure to the quay.

February 2014

After 9 &1/2 month work for Max Bögl and Sarens we successfuly positioned the

Veka barge loaded with the last of the 9 steel elements for lifting.

It is a fantastic moment to see the North and South side connected.

We tanks all involved for a very good Co-operation and hope the meet soon

for new challanges and interesting projects.

The tugs, Mentor, Eol, Kraft and the Barge Carrier 1. left for other employments.

For Tugab - Strabag we used the the two barges Carrier 1 and Carrier 4 both with spudlegs

placed aftre each other and ramps between the quay and Carrier 1 and between Carrier 1 and Carrier 4.

 This resulted that Strabag could continue with the pir for Fortum and all time have connection

with the quay for transport of personal and material. 

January 2014



We all know MultiCat is a perfect tool for most of construction sites, however with a 3 unit tool we call Panther

have all advantages that a MultiCat have, plus the advantage to be able to work on three places at same time.

This will minimize the stand by for the crew.  

We are starting to construct Jan 2014 and will be ready Autumn 2014.

Hope you find this as interesting as us, looking forward to hear from you.


 It is based on following setup:


  1. “Panther” a driving unit with a crane + aftdack area of 6 x 6m.

This unit can take 12 pax + material and we will test by having electro magnetic on the side so

we fast can connect and disconnect the two barges, (Or other barges that must be moved)

The propulsion will be two Voith aggregates, one in the front and one in the back each 340hp.

This will be extremely maneuverable and can not be compared with a “normal” tug/multicat with two standard propellers.  


 2.  Barge one. 9 x 18m with deck that can be lifted off if the barge need to be as “sand barge”

With spudlegs and a small crane.

Also ramp that is mounted from center and to one side so if the put the two barges after each othe

We have a 9 x 18m barge.


 3.  Barge two. 9 x 18m Fixed deck with a big crane + spudlegs and ramp as barge 1.

Moonpool and under ten deck office, toilett and lunchroom + workshop.


Believe this will be very effective, it will only need two persons on the driving unit for serving all from moving people,

concrete truck, material and the driving unit can be on the run all time so it will not have as normal today

a lot of stand by for crew on different units..

Click here to see more


December 2013

For SCA Timber in Rundvik Carrier 14 have been installled and will work as a floating quay

on a long term charter.

Adjusted and equiped with ex. a ramp that can take axle load up to 42 tons.

As well as fendering, protection for not going over board with heavy machinery and lighting.

First vessel vas loading with Chips Friday the 13 of Dec. and vent very well.

This will give SCA timber Rundvik possibility to handle vessels up to 155m in order to be more effective

on the logistics for the future.



November 2013

Loading the first 74 tons platform  for Aarsleff in Swinoujscie.

We are glad to inform that loading started on time and the contract will continue during the hole 2014,

By loading, transporting and placing almost 1.000 platforms and pilecaps that will result in the 65.000m2 of new

quay that Aarsleff is constructing for the Port of Stockholm.

From our side the barges Carrier 8 and Carrier 10 will be involved and the floating crane Lodbrok + the tugs Arne, Kraft and Mentor.

October 2013


MCA Exercise Off Shethlands with weather above 20m/s.

Here together with Grampian Frontier.

With wave hight of abt. 5-6m Herakles proceed back with 12 knots on 30% power output.


Lifting two marine Villas from barge into water each 240 ton for Marin Staden.



September 2013

Click here to sse video from PT-tidningen

Transport of 300 tons transformator on Carrier 8 for Vagenborg - Smith - Enercon.

Including construction of RoRo ramp and fundaments at our workshop in Piteå.

(Look like this was the heaviest transport on public roads in Sweden, total 375 ton on 158 wheels)

August 2013

Arne delivered to Aarsleff Värtahamnen on time 1 Aug. after a 6 month completed re-build.

Including 552 hp Scania main engine, bowthruster and for 12 passanger inside.


July 2013

Carrier 8 for Lundvalls loading to bidge sections in Gdynia transport to Stockholm

loading a 600 ton crawler crane for installaton of the new Danviks bridge.

June 2013



Mentor, Kraft and Carrier 1 started contract for Max Bögl for the mounting of steal constructions for the Sundsvalls bridge.

May 2013

We took delivery of ASD Mentor, 52 tbp from Svitzer Marine in Hull UK.




April 2013

Skulte Port have bought Nestor that is built to ice class Ice 1A Super.

This will give a good service to Skulte Port years to come.

We wish the new owners all the best with a very good tug.


March 2013

AHT Herakles has been appointed as  Emergency Towing Vessel (ETV)

with a contract  for MCA, Maritime Coastguard Agency in  UK.Being standby  in the waters north of  Scotland.


 February 2013

Carrier 4 have been equiped with 25 m spudlegs and working for Tugab - Strabag 

on the new building quay in Värta Hamen for Fortum.



 Pontooncrane Lodbrok has performed lifting of  bridge sections for the new bridge in Sundsvall,  Sweden.

Bridge  being 2 109 meters and built  by JV Joint Venture Sundsvallbron PBM”  consisting of the companies:

E. Pihl & Son AS,  Max Bögl International S.E. samt Josef Möbius  Bau-Angesellschaft.


Full capacity lifting, 255 mts, by Lodbrok in  Västerås. Sweden, for Scandinavian Shipping  AB.


Tug Eol with barge Carrier 2 has performed all  time high in cubic meters

by transporting  60'000 m3 of logs from archipelagoes in  northern Sweden.

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